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Try "The Stopper" Midge Head Net to protect your
head and neck from midges and other biting insects.

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Our logo is the starving midgie  Starving midgie

 Midge candles made with citronella, lavender or bog myrtle essential oils
Our pillar candles weigh 340 gms,
and are 75mm wide by 90mm tall.

 Midge candle in tin made with citronella, lavender or bog myrtle essential oils
Tins are 75 gms, 70mm wide, 20mm deep.

Our midge candles are handmade by us to our own recipes and careful specification, using high quality essential oils, wax and wicks. As well as smelling great and making it more pleasant to sit around outdoors when the midges are out.

Our unique outdoor candles are: the citronella candle (glowing lemon colour), lavender candle (light purple to deep lilac), and our bog myrtle candle (a sunny green) with bog myrtle oil which we used in our natural midge repellent to Stop the Bite. We now sell Care Plus and Midge Magic midge repellents ).

The three inch pillar candles should burn for over 40 hours, depending on the breeze. The pillar candles are shrink-wrapped, and the label is on the wrapping, so you could give these as presents any time, even at Christmas!

The compact, lightweight candle in a tin burns for up to 10 hours, with a total weight of 75 grams. The candle tin, which has a click to open lid, is 70 mm diameter by 20 mm deep, very convenient for keeping in your pocket or backpack. The midge tin is very popular with campers and walkers.

As well as citronella candles and other outdoor candles for camping or the garden, we have candles for Christmas. Visit Gold Frankincense and Myrrh for cinnamon and orange, and frankincense and myrrh, in gold organza Xmas gift bags.

Alba Candles - our range of 6 candles in a shot glass in a gift bag for Christmas - £6 each, £30 for all six

 Cranberry Alba candle in a red gift bag  Misteletoe Alba candle in a red gift bag  Frankincense and myrrh Alba candle in a red gift bag  Cinnamon and orange Alba candle in a brown gift bag  Vanilla Alba candle in a red gift bag  Christmas Spice Alba candle in a red gift bag
There's not a lot of midges around at Christmas, nor much use for outdoor candles, so we spend our time developing and making seasonal candles in our large workshop. The first of the new range is our scented candles in glasses. We spent time formulating our own mix for the wax, and selecting and testing the correct wick so as to create a candle that burns steadily and safely, while throwing out a seasonal Xmas scent. We've created a new label and website AlbaCandles.com for this range, and others to follow.

There's a range of 6 candles in 5 cl (50 cc - 2 oz) shot glasses, each in a carefully matched colour high quality organza gift bag. There's a white frankincense and myrrh candle, orange brown cinnamon and orange, light green mistletoe but in a silver organza bag, deep red cranberry, light cream vanilla in a white gift bag and the Xmas Spice is green. Click on a picture for a bigger picture. All candles burn for 12 hours, though we have test burned under ideal conditions for 15 hours, and they give out a beautiful scent.

Please also visit our candle tips and safety information page.

 Our logo is the attractive pineapple mint herb,
 a rarer seen mint and prized for its fine flavour  Bog Myrtle for a natural Scottish insect repellent

Unique range of outdoor candles manufactured in Scotland by
Totally Herby of Scotland
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